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The future of food (technology)

November 22, 2017

The world’s growing population and environmental concerns surrounding meat consumption are causing a shift in the food industry. Innovative solutions such as laboratory meat, indoor farms, nanopackaging and smart kitchen apps (Popsop) are helping to address these issues, and in the process are transforming the food industry into something more sustainable and more personal. The key to all of these solutions is technology.

New technologies are pushing the food industry forward, forcing consumers to start thinking differently, too. Samsung, for example, has come out with the Family Hub 2.0, a smart refrigerator that tells you when items need to be restocked, enables you to order groceries and manage shopping, helps you connect with family and friends, and provides access to online recipes and entertainment.

For FlavorWiki, this is all just the beginning. We want to take those technologies a step further. How about a refrigerator that provides you with a shopping list for a recipe that it knows you will like? Do you have a picky eater at home? No problem. The smart fridge will recommend meals and recipes based on each family member’s tastes (or distastes). Oh no, are you out of your favorite gluten-free 3-egg pasta? Don’t worry, just print it with your 3-D food printer!


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