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TASTE THIS! A Kickstart tasters guide

September 7, 2017

Dear Kickstart Tasters,

Thanks for joining us at the Kickstart opening dinner party! We hope you enjoy trying our tasting prototype and sampling the awesome drinks. Thanks to digitalswitzerland and Kickstart Accelerator for sponsoring this great event and amazing experience here in Zurich.

Below are the drinks and the flavor descriptors that you will be evaluating. Definitions of the descriptors are given in case you have questions about their meanings. We’ve also included some information about the products themselves.

Also, don’t forget to enter your email address when asked to do so in the survey so we can send you your personal results. And check back here on our blog where we will publish the group results.

Thanks again, and happy tasting!


Flavor Descriptors

Fruity The perception of fruit (these might be citrus, orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, lime, etc.). Descriptor used in the beer, wines, sodas and teas.

Spice Reminiscent of various spices such as black pepper and cinnamon. Descriptor used in the beer and wines.

Earthy Reminiscent of earth, such as forest floor or mushrooms. Descriptor used in the beer and wines.

Bitter Sharp, pungent. Descriptor used in the beer, wines, sodas and teas.

Sweet Sugar, honey or “fresh.” Descriptor used in the sodas and teas.

Herbal Reminiscent of herbs. Descriptor used in the beer, sodas and teas.

Floral Reminiscent of flowers or floral aromas. Descriptor used in wines, sodas and teas.

Product Information

Soda: Gazosa. A refreshing and fizzy vegan soft drink.

Tea: ChariTea. Organic and fair-trade tea drinks.

Prosecco: Prosecco Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG

White Wine: Riesling x Madeleine Royale

Red Wine: Samsara

Beer: Docteur Gab’s

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